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Setting up your CRM to track
marketing & sales effectiveness

[Nov Workshop]

A data-driven sales and marketing strategy can unlock growth. Join this 4-part workshop to learn how to set up your CRM and track revenue attribution to increase efficiency and scale.

Cost: $5,000

What you'll learn

  • Choosing the right CRM

    How to leverage the right tech stack for your needs, plus learn from what tech others in the group are using

  • Structuring your data

    Know which data is critical for your business to understanding your key performance metrics


  • Designing your funnel
    How to create a marketing and sales funnel for cross-functional alignment

  • Measurement & attribution

    How to report on and measure the metrics that matter

Workshop Modules

Week 1: Critical decisions
GG_illus_RGB_lime_spy_glassTopics covered:
  • Which CRM is right for you?
  • What data do you need to drive sales &
  • marketing decisions?
  • Intro to attribution modeling
  • CRM comparison chart & recommendations
Week 2: Required data

GG_illus_RGB_lime_rocket_barchartTopics covered:

  • What data are you already capturing?
  • What gaps exist?
  • What is the best way to capture missing data?
  • Which attribution model is right for you?


  • Step by step guide to creating and capturing custom data
Week 3: Funnel Design

GG_illus_RGB_lime_ballonTopics covered:

  • Choose your favorite acronyms (MQL? SAL? SAO? You decide!)
  • How to create a flow from marketing to sales to revenue 
  • Document and operationalize your funnel


  • SLA template for Sales & Marketing alignment
Week 4: Reporting & dashboards

GG_illus_RGB_lime_ramp_upTopics covered:

  • Which BI tool is right for you?
  • Determining the metrics that matter
  • How to create dashboards and reports you’ll actually use


  • Looker or PowerBI templates
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Create a solid foundation for measurable, repeatable success

Enroll in our 4-part workshop to create or optimize your funnel, and establish a foundation for tracking the impact marketing has on revenue.  Space is limited.  Secure your spot today!

Cost: $5,000